Wait for It

Some things are worth waiting for.

Our first issues will only be available to a handful of carefully selected people. It’s not because we’re snooty, it’s because we’re focused. We are going to focus on making something special for 8 people before 8 million. We are going to do a lot of listening and a lot of learning, and each time we get a good enough level of satisfaction from a batch of people – we will let in double the amount from our waiting list.

But the truth is, we are going to prioritize this list.

We are looking for curious and creative people around the world to add to the mix so we can connect you when it feels just right. So when you’re on the waiting list there will be a number of opportunities for you to tell us more about yourself – and for us to tell you more about what we are building with Catnip.

If you ever wanted to be apart of something really special, here’s your chance. I promise, it will be worth the wait – if only for the fact that it will make for a good story to tell at a cocktail party.


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